This is Idam.

If you are shaping a new idea or product, you need product design expertise… If you sense a need to improve your product, you need product design evaluation and solutions… If you are struggling for success, you need strategy redesign…

You need our

Product Experience Design Consultation

We engage with individuals and companies to help them create and shape new ideas and products. We help to identify and solve product experience issues – be it strategy, definition or design.

We bring in creative boost and fresh thinking for your idea or product, and help shape them as you would have wanted them to be. We engage with individuals incubating their ideas, startups in stealth, struggling startups, established companies and MNCs.

We help to create & refine ideas, and follow them through design development. As work products this translates into various forms of media. As a product design though, it is essentially a product definition and design specification. Sometimes, it is about mentoring your product design team!

Engagement usually includes:
  • Product Design Development
  • Design team mentoring
  • Ideation and Creative Workshops
  • Creative Product Experience Design (PED) Reviews
Drawing out the requirements
Work products include:
  • Product design strategy
  • Design Guidelines
  • Specifications (Concept document, Product Definition, Design drawings,  UI Spec, Branding Specification)
  • Wireframes, UI Flows, Relationship diagrams, Bubble diagrams, Flow charts
  • Mock-ups, Graphic resources, CAD Models, Print or Digital media, Publication, websites
UI Design (Flow)

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